Quality Policy

Full participation, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction

Quality Planning Strategy Direction

  • Use the 6σ method to solve problems.
  • Establish a learning organizational system to improve employee education and training.
  • Promotion of quality cost.
  • Strengthen robust design and automatic assembly equipment to ensure product reliability.
  • Emphasize the research and development of green products to protect the environment.

Quality certificate

IATF16949 2016 (Kun-Shan)

IATF16949 2016 (Shen-Zhen)

IEC 17025:2005 (Shen-Zhen)

ISO 9001 2015 (Shen-Zhen)

ISO9001 2015 (Tian-Jin)

ISO9001 2015 (Taipei)

ISO9001 2015(Kun-Shan)

QC080000 2017(Kun-Shan)