Life and leisure

ACON work life

Employee Self-help Zone

Internal Information Transparency

Knowledge management

Internal Knowledge Sharing Platform


Various professional and general education courses


Physical and mental health

Annual health checkup, nurse station, health lectures, walking activities, breastfeeding room

Snack cabinet

Set up a lounge and snack cabinet

Leisure activities

Domestic and foreign travel, movie appreciation, family day

Social activity

Encourage participation in associations and provide subsidies for association activities

Consumption discount

A number of special stores, exclusive discounts for employees

Year-end party

Prepare high-quality programs every year, rich awards, condolences

Also strive to create a learning environment

ACON Learning Center

The exclusive library provides a wealth of knowledge, and the factory has set up a new training center

Training and Seminars

Set up an internal education and training network

Overseas assignment

Provide overseas branch assignment opportunities

Project assignment

Project assignment opportunities foster diverse learning

Training Roadmap