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Stakeholders relation blog

Stakeholder Major topic of concern Communication channel, response method and frequency
  • Operations performance
  • Stakeholder’s participation
  1. Disclosure of important information timely
  2. Hold a stakeholder meeting once every year and publish annual report
  3. Irregularly hold the on-line corporate briefing and reply investors by phone
  4. Shareholder Spokesperson Mr. Chen(Email:
Government and Administrative authority
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Company management
  1. Participate in the policy seminar held by the administrative authority from time to time
  2. Cooperate with administrative authority in regarding the supervision and audit
  3. Make public announcement on regular basis
  4. Ms. Chen of Financial Director(Email:
  • Raw material
  • Product compliance
  • Supply chain management
  1. Review and hold meeting with the suppliers who need improvements from time to time
  2. Supplier assessment or evaluation
  3. Suppliers’ delivery performance notice
  4. Mr. Lin of Administrative Department (E-mail:
  • Price
  • Quality
  • Leadtime
  1. Customer’s satisfactory survey
  2. Ms. Lan of Marketing Department (Email:
  • Employee welfare
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Labor relations
  1. Public announcement of various employee welfare programs and information of employee benefits committee and education training
  2. Implement professional medical health consulting in the company and hold occupational safety meeting 4 times a year
  3. Hold the conference of labor management and sexual harassment prevention training 4 times a year (set up mailbox of sexual harassment prevention:
  4. Ms. Liang of Human resource department (Email:
Report mailbox
  • Integrity issue
  • Illegal matters