Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Structure

Responsibilities of main departments

  • Audit Committee
  • Composed of all independent directors, it assists the board of directors in improving corporate governance performance, the fair expression of the company's financial statements, the independence and performance of the selection (dismissal) of certified public accountants, the effective implementation of the company's internal control and internal audit, and the company's existing or potential Risk Control, etc.
  • Compensation Committee
  • Formulate and regularly review the policies, systems, standards and structures of directors and managers' performance evaluation, salary and remuneration.
  • General Manager's Office
  • Assist the general manager in handling related operations.
    Evaluation of investment business target plans, supervision and inspection of major abnormal events in investment business.
  • Auditing Office
  • Planning, implementation and tracking of internal audit related matters, system audit and improvement tracking, audit and response to abnormal events.
  • General Accounting Division
  • Responsible for the preparation, collection, collation and analysis of accounting, financial and stock affairs information.
  • General Manager's Office
  • Execute cross-departmental projects, human resources, working capital planning, information system planning and management, etc.
  • Legal Affairs and IP Dept
  • Responsible for various legal affairs of the group business, research and analysis of legal issues, contract review and patent case application.