Corporate Governance

Internal Audit

  • 01
  • The Audit Office is an independent unit under the Board of Directors. In addition to reporting the audit business to the Audit Committee on a regular basis, the audit supervisor also attends the report of the Board of Directors, and can report to the chairman and the Audit Committee at any time when necessary.
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  • The appointment and removal of the audit supervisor shall be submitted to the board of directors for resolution with the approval of the audit committee; the appointment, dismissal, evaluation and salary of auditors shall be signed by the audit supervisor and reported to the chairman for approval in accordance with the Group’s salary management method and employee performance appraisal method; the aforementioned Relevant measures have been disclosed in the special area of the Group's internal regulations webpage.
  • 03
  • The internal audit implementation rules clearly stipulate that the audit office should investigate and evaluate the soundness, rationality and effectiveness of the company's internal control system and various management systems, as well as the efficiency of each unit in implementing the company's various plans or policies and designated functions. Covers all units, operations and subsidiaries of the company.
  • 04
  • At the end of each year, the audit office formulates an audit plan for the next year based on the results of the internal control risk assessment, submits it to the audit committee for review and approval by the board of directors, and implements it accordingly; and conducts special audits or reviews as needed to ensure the company's internal control system can continue are effectively .
  • 05
  • The audit office regularly promotes the self-evaluation work of each unit and all subsidiaries, evaluates the effectiveness of the design and implementation of the internal control system, and reviews the self-evaluation drafts of each unit and subsidiary to ensure the quality of execution, compiles the execution results and Report the improvement of deficiencies and abnormal matters to the general manager, the audit committee and the board of directors as the main basis for issuing the internal control system statement.
  • 06
  • ACON Group has a total of 3 auditors.